Cutt's Collection Of Jokes
The Airplane Ride The Aliens The Art Exhibit
The Assassin Aunt Karen The Barmaid
The Bear Warning The Castaway A Confession
The Cookie The Goldfish Little Johnny
The Lecturer The Lunch The Midget
The Nun The Old Couple The Old Man
The Parrot The Plane Crash The President
The Promotion Three Labs The Widow
The Paramedic The Whole Truth The Devil
The Old Lady The 'Definately' Joke The New Girlfriend
The Therapist The Two Brothers The Lover
The Golf Game The Robbery The Case
The Princess The Piece The Ballerina
The Drunk The Whisper The Plumber
The Cowboy The Drinking Chart How Jazz Works
The Tailor The Three Sisters The Job Test
The Cuckoo Clock The Gunfighter The Cop
The Upgrade The Trick Question The Ghost
The Standoff The Note The Grandson
The Valentine The Ostrich The Donkey
The Bull The Drinker Some Lawyer Jokes
The Hearing Aid Telling A Blond Joke The Centipede
The Types Of Sex The Atheist The Airline Mechanics
The Driver The Student The Email
The Parachutes The Golfer The Frog
The Three Sons The Bum The Spinster
The Marriage The Pet Names The Lesbian
The Mechanic The Explaination Everything
The Little Dog The Sex Therapy The Genie
The Realization The Executive Decision The Juggler
The Sample The Pharmacist The SNAG
Pay Attention! Two plus Two The Artist
A Very Cold Winter The Beans The Comparison
Mutual Organism The New Hat The Christmas Party
The Frog On A String Degrees Of Blondness The Blond Question
The Whole Story The Naked Blond The Viagra Pill
God Loves Blonds The Union Worker Little Johnnie
The Prime Minister The Psychiatrist Wrong Way Deer
The Halloween Party The Costume The Monks
Dear Abby: The Gorilla The Clerk
The Knob Her Side/His Side The Job Seeker
Cinderella The Service The Talking Dog
The Amish Buggy To Fascinate The Questions
The Operations A Touching Story Morning Golf
Lent Miss Annie The Confessional
The Finish The Language Lesson The War
Hell's Bells The Age Old Question Two Peas In A Pod
Is It True? The Best Rooster The Father
The Super-Bowl The Ham Sandwich The Phone Call
No Baby Talk The Anniversary The Don
The Science Lesson The C & V Treatment The Maneuver
Horse Named Marylou Men Working Apollo Mission
The Pickle Slicer The Cremated Husband A Little Easter Story For You
Sipping Vodka The Coach I Not Come Work Today!
The Memorial Stone The Speeding Stop The Biker
The Lost Dad The Wish The Smart Young Bride
The Golden Saloon Martinez The Cow
The Specimen The Test Question Time
The Doctor's Orders The Two Priests My Dad's Job
The Box Under The Bed The Pirate The Brother's Cussing
The Chiuauaua The Gynecologist The Condom
The Widdle Wabbit The Nuns The Lone Ranger
The Good-Bye The Honest Drunk The Story
The Rooster The Young Blond Girl The New House
The Lady & The Pharmacist A Nun's Kiss Keep The Motor Running
The Study The Blanket Breast Fed Baby
Age and Cunning The Nagging Wife I'm Fine!
The Boyfriend Newfoundland Logic The Woman's Work
The Arsenic The Testimonial The Funeral Procession
The Confession The Ranch Hand The Cop Horse
The Alpha Watch The Three Tests The Age Question
The Quick Kid The Catholic Heart attack The Diagnosis
The Worms The News The Veterinarian
The Taxidermist The Blond School Counselor The Moths
Husband Wanted Lovers Lane The Three Blonds
The Nagging Wife The Suicide Attempt The Blond Joke
The Poker Game The Instructions Weeweechu
The HMO Manager The Cajun The Widower
The Speech Bubba Room 302
The Combatants The Mistake The Two Alligators
The First Class Blond Johnny And Jenny T-G-I-F
The Escaped Convict The Bikers The Blond Cowboy
The Three Notes The Wabbit The Strip Club
The Donation The Smart Married Man Ethel
GoodBye Daddy The Harley Davidson A Legal Question
The Miracle The Eulogy The Beaver
Sister Mary Anheuser Busch The Old Sailor
The Genie (2) The Two Blonds The Offering
The Light Bulb The Excuse The Date
The Used Car The Praying Man The Fishing Trip
Joe and John The Lickin' 'Dear John' Reply
The Plane Trip The Cell Phone Cell The Keeper
The Stutter A Good One The Facts Of Life
The Doctor Visit The Hunters Molly, The Camel
The Golf Injury The Hooker The Unused Stuff
The Wal-Mart Computer The Expensive Funeral The Bad Boys
The Porch The Cop & The Drunk Sex In The Dark
The Homeless Woman The Sperm Sample The Sumbitch
The Married Couple The Question The Silver Walls
The Hit Man The Message The Morning Sex
The Long Marriage The Prostitute The Disappearing Act
The Golf Enthusiast The Sad Guy The Deposit
The Newfoundlander The Circus Lion The DMV Test
The Gift The Priest Test The Little Old Lady In Court
The Romantic Husband The Dead Giveaway The Man Of The House
The Doctor Smith The Harrassment Complaint St. Peter's Questions
The Neighbor's Kid The Ferrari and the Moped Homer And Daisy
The Golf Ball The Compliment The Conversation
The Bathtub Test The Old Preacher The Pay Raise
The Christmas Offerings Bubba, the Doctor The Dogfood Diet
The Back Pew The Buttocks The Hair Dryer
The Hair Dresser The Shopping Trip The Sex Pill
The Alterboy's Confession The Minimum Wage The Husband's Mistress
The Bet The Free Sex The Pig
The Divorced Barbie Doll The Weather Report The Right Machine
The Lady Golfer The Restaurant Consultants The Pet Rooster
The Church Fart The Holy Prostitutes The Heavenly Clerk
Going To Italy Chinese Sex The Accordion Case
The Maid's Raise The Fridge Note The Job Opening
The West Virginia Farmer The Moose Hunters The Well-Meaning Grandpa
The Carnival The Zipper The Deaf Italian Bookkeeper
The Job Application    

Cutt's Other Humerous Stuff

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Evaluations Rules To Live By
The Office Party The Difference Between Men and Women
Hallmark Rejects . . . What a difference 30 Years makes......
Attention Deficit Disorder The Dead Horse
How to Impress . . . Smart Blond Joke
The Rat Race Explained How To Give Your Cat Or Dog A Pill
The Wedding Band Martha Stewart's Tips For Rednecks
Windows 2000 bug list Humorous Chinese Proverbs
A Dozen New Mergers It Must Be Great To Be A Man, Because......
How Smart Do You Feel? Government Announcement
Buffalo, NY - Truths! Poorly Designed Church window
Five Types Of Sex Corporate Lessons
The Art Critic The Latest Financial Terms Glossary
Letters to Santa Letter From Santa Claus
wav file/wait for load Mathematical Solution To An Age Old Problem
The Letter The King's Castration
Who was Jesus? What Gender Is It?
Jesus And Finkelstein Questions, Questions
My Favorite Things Ship High In Transit
A High School Buddy Updated Nursery Rhymes
My Daily Workout Schedule New IRS EZ-FORM
New English Words If Airlines Sold Paint
Get Smart A Geography Lesson
How To Stop A Computer Virus What do you get if you cross a donkey with an onion?
How To Bathe A Cat Top 10 Viagra Marketing Slogans
Mismatched Pair Of Gloves How To Sing The Blues: A Primer
Definitions According To Sex The Proper Use Of Duct Tape During National Emergencies
The Newspapers Windows 2003 Kentucky Edition
Sex in the 80's Words Of Wisdom
Call Back Later The Texas Survivor Show
Lawyer Jokes The Marine Recruit letter home
Work Virus Five Tips For Women
Snow How the Government works
The Senator Thomas Edison
A Little Night Music Always Tell The Truth
The Perfect Girl Hurricane Preparation Refresher Course
Tee Shirt Quotes Musical Terms Defined
Men' Life The Ant & The Grasshopper
The Company Advanced Virus Warning
Euro-English Rent For Apartment
The Illiterate Old Butch
Stages Of Success Don't Talk To The Parrot!
Wisdom Dogs & Cats
Love Letters Hillbilly Medical Terms
Psychic Card Trick Mona Lisa - When nobody is looking!
The Toast It's this Viagra
Church Bulletins The Blond And The Chimps
Retarded Grandparents Wireless Security System
The Goodbye Letter The Explanation of Life
True Doctor Stories A Prayer For Later Years
Medical Insurance Explained Seven Reasons Not To Mess With Children
Baseball What A Wonderful Story
A Half Dozen Nursery Rhymes The Polish Sausage Factory Fire
Pet Rules Cutt's Holiday Eating Tips
Pre-School Test The Cop And The Little Girl
The True Story Football Made Sense
What Is Love? The High School Reunion
The Cool Person Test The School Answering Machine
The Rabbi And The Auditor Should Children Witness Child Birth?
Qantas Airlines Repair Division A Public Service Announcement
The Four Cats Chief Two Eagles
Old Is When Why You Never Question A Drunk
Life's Lessons 20 Ways To Maintain A Healthy Level Of Insanity
Stupid Headlines Hell - Explained By A Chemistry Student
The Passport Letter Old Age (Unclassified)
Buttercups And Golf Balls Teachers And Cops
The Xmas Letter The Xmas Gift
Thinking Classic Rodney
Wise I'm Just Saying . . .